So, that BPM product demo excited you? The vendor demonstration of agile features may well have made your mouth water. You now think your investment in BPM licenses will make your firm agile.

Well, sorry to be the one to break it to you, but it may not. Maybe you should think again.

..............................It's Not The Ball!

Sure, BPM can give the power of agility to organizations. But let’s face it, it’s really not BPM that’s going to get you there.

No. It is not BPM.

It is the people you are going to entrust that BPM investment with.

So, who are those people, you ask?

Well it wont be your systems integrator. Although the team from your SI is crucial.

It wont be your external consultants either. Although picking the right consultants is critical and they certainly can bring much value in your effort to make BPM applications agile.

The real key to agility will need to come from your people. Your culture.

Here is how I look at it. Technology may contribute to an agile organization, but mostly the root of agility lies in the collective consciousness of an organization.

It is in the mindset, an organizational attitude, if you will.

And so, implementing BPM by itself does not automatically make a firm agile. It calls for concerted effort in allowing technology to become an extension of that mindset. That is why the choice of tool is important and that is why during process design it is crucial to involve the right people.

I liked the way Max Pucher puts it

“Agility is not an intrinsic property of software or methodology and cannot be supplied through these. Only agile-thinking management and employees will make a business more agile.” Max J. Pucher 2007 (Why SOA does not deliver. Article in Output Magazine) [via eBizQ]


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