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#BPM Agility, Change, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

I think there is a need for this thing called Agility in your organization. You agree? You do? OK. I had a feeling you would. It is a burning need, no? Third degree, even. Now let me ask you this. Of all those people in your organization – CXOs, Business users, process owners, compliance managers, IT, you name it – who do you think has the biggest need for that agility? [sound of clock ticking] Ok, let me pose that…

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A Reality Check on Agility and BPM

  So, that BPM product demo excited you? The vendor demonstration of agile features may well have made your mouth water. You now think your investment in BPM licenses will make your firm agile. Well, sorry to be the one to break it to you, but it may not. Maybe you should think again. Sure, BPM can give the power of agility to organizations. But let’s face it, it’s really not BPM that’s going to get you there. No. It…

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