Just as I was winding up and getting ready to call it a long night, I see this laugh-out-loud funny post from Geek & Poke“what if MS had invented Twitter”

Twitter aside, I was laughing out loud over the jibe on MS, my mind at the same time throbbing with the recollection of a very dark, unproductive phase of my life – the week I brought home a new HP laptop. With Vista Home Basic pre-loaded.


Now you know how bad that throb was.

With Windows 7.0 soon to be released,  the timing of that cartoon from Geek & Poke couldn’t have been better. Here is a cross-post from my other blog. This one was inspired during that dark week a little over a year ago.


What an incredible journey it has been. As man evolved, so has his accessory.


Each accessory has brought its own unique shifts in abilities, thinking, culture, direction…and each accessory has defined, facilitated, fanned, and spurred the creation of the next.


As the accessory got more sophisticated, the next level of evolution has taken less time, making the whole cycle even more rapid with the advent of the technology revolution.


And then something happened.

Someone slammed on the brakes even as mankind was cruising at a respectable rate of evolutionary acceleration.




Note 1: Not sure of the original source of the third image above, but whoever that is, thank you!

NOTE 2: No Vista was used in the making of this post.

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