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Flinching faces, heart-burns and BPM initiatives

When the gunshot is fired at the start of the Olympic final of a 100m dash,    8 world-class sprinters on the block will leap towards their dream of Olympic glory. All 8 equally skilled, each one equally trained, equally driven, all of them with the same hunger to win. Each one committed to chasing (pardon the poor pun) their life’s single purpose and calling, and each one, to be sure, aspiring to be chased from the moment that gunshot goes…

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Enable, Empower, Improve, Unlock: Your #bpm Mantra!

BPM should be about exercising and asserting your firms business priorities,  along its lines of control. Especially lines at the top and the bottom. Sure, you’ve heard it before that BPM is about the business. But indulge me for a bit. Let‘s say the CIO of a manufacturing company A buys product X because it can help optimize inventory and reduce costs. He gets the software implemented and X nicely fixes not just that bloated inventory but also that big…

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The Future of BPM: A Storm Before Calm?

Many BPM product vendors have announced impressive results and as Scott Francis mentions in this post, BPM companies have really started to crow about their growth despite the recession. While there’s a wee bit of understandable scepticism about the validity of those claims, they do tie-in to market outlook from months ago predicting a higher investment in technologies such as BPM that will help organizations minimise cost and improve efficiency. Jim Sinur in this insightful post titled Is BPM becoming…

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