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BPM and Love and all that sort of thing….

  Last week, while I was in London on work, I had to stand around for over an hour outside a client’s office building, in the cursed cold weather, waiting for my colleague to show up. I could only enter the office with him as he was the one with access to the building and authority to sign me in. This kind of a situation isn’t always a very pleasant experience. Especially if it was a first-thing-in-the-morning meeting, and more…

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Why BPM is like Chicken Peas Pulav.

  When you are obsessed with something, you start seeing it in everything you do. If you are someone with a tendency to always be happy, you will find happiness and joy in just about anything you encounter : the creak of the wooden floor, a blade of grass – or many blades of grass for that matter, fragrances, sun-rays, you name it. A recent analyst report claims that 76.34% of non-millennial, male respondents from this psychobablographic category actually enjoyed conversations…

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