Who Is the Boss in Social #BPM – You or your Customer?

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Who Is the Boss in Social #BPM – You or your Customer?
Tweet How will social BPM affect your customer? The possibilities that Social concepts lend to BPM are interesting. Doug Mow used the the right words – Tweet

Google Wave and BPM

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Google Wave and BPM
Tweet SAP’s Gravity demo is indicative of what is likely to happen to collaborative activities in process discovery. Not that no one has thought of it before – most every BPM vendor offering a cloud version has already introduced feature elements of social networking. Tweet

BPM and Twitter – Tweeting to BPM

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BPM and Twitter – Tweeting to BPM
Tweet Updated. A few weeks back, this post of Dr.Natalie provoked several threads of thought on the growing influence of Social Media in business. Besides the obvious benefits of Social Media in Marketing, the biggest benefit from applying Social Media in business is arguably from the customer service function. Tweet


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