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Great Customer Service: Sometimes it is YOU

  Last week work beamed me to Chennai in Southern India, a city where I was born and had also spent a large part of my childhood. Work has taken me to Chennai often and I am usually booked at a hotel that is not far from where I lived as a kid. The hotel has a lot of nostalgia value for me, for, among other things, it has a swimming pool where I spent a few hours every evening through my…

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Process comes before a smile in customer service

  When we are at the receiving end of poor customer service, it unfailingly ticks us off. Being champions of process only makes it a little more painful because even while we go through a first-hand experience of poor customer service –- be it over the phone or a counter –-  we are also immediately able to see beneath the surface and understand why things are likely going wrong. Now, on a theoretical plane, you might think that this ability…

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Customer Support, How Can We Help You?

An endless number and combinations of technologies are available for organizations to use, woo and win  customers and then keep them happy. There is even a spate of emerging technologies – like Enterprise 2.0, that is going to be immensely valuable in this. But, exactly how valuable? Like I had discussed in one of my earlier posts(Click:The Corrotion of Competitive Advantage), all these technologies are available equally to all players. But, obviously the same technologies or combination of technologies produce…

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