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Enable, Empower, Improve, Unlock: Your #bpm Mantra!

BPM should be about exercising and asserting your firms business priorities,  along its lines of control. Especially lines at the top and the bottom. Sure, you’ve heard it before that BPM is about the business. But indulge me for a bit. Let‘s say the CIO of a manufacturing company A buys product X because it can help optimize inventory and reduce costs. He gets the software implemented and X nicely fixes not just that bloated inventory but also that big…

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IT priorities, Return on Investment from #bpm and the CEO

The recession may have started to ease up, but the pressure on CEOs to get more competitive and drive growth will continue. Alongside that, the need to keep a closer watch on expenditure is likely to also continue for sometime. This is particularly true about IT investments – something that took quite a big hit in 2009. According to Gartner, IT spending is forecast to a 5.2% decrease from 2008 spending of $3.4 trillion and is expected to return to…

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What’s The State Of Things?

There is widespread panic across the world. A looming breakdown of global economy has made us all sit up in anxiety. But don’t make a mistake by thinking it might be the end of the world. It probably is not. But, again, don’t make a mistake by thinking it won’t be. It just doesn’t have to. If the tough get going when the going gets tough, here is the situation that is going to be tough for the tough to…

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