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Digital Transformation – Execution is Key to Realizing Your Vision

Many firms fall for the ‘digital’ hype and rush into digital initiatives without fully appreciating the fact that these projects must not only be envisioned differently but also executed differently. Success rates when these initiatives are handled like conventional technology projects aren’t flattering and for digital initiatives, failure is not just about burnt project budgets, but a loss of significant opportunity for business differentiation, and revenue. Indeed, the stakes can be high. Urgency to Deliver comes with Risks Given that…

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BPM Change – Getting Colleagues to Come Along

  Organizational change in any form, evokes much the same feeling you have when you are on a diving board looking down at the cold water below. Although you know it will all be fine in under 20 seconds after you’ve left the board, for the 20 seconds before that actually happens though, you display emotions that seem to suggest you are about to confront a most dreadful event. The thing is, that hesitation, that sense of apprehension, is not…

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#BPM and Change Management – Time to Tie The Knot?

  Call it culture, resistance to change, fear, politics or just old fashioned pig-headedness, but BPM initiatives are seldom without change issues and internal friction of some kind. And as we see BPM adoption increasing, there is increasing proof of the existence of such a thing called BPM Inertia. And it compromises the degree of BPM success. It seems to me that almost any firm running a BPM initiative acknowledges the need for change management at the beginning, but not…

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