There is this problem of the convertibility that’s a big worry for IT vendors from India. There is the constant challenge quarter on quarter to grow steadily. There is perpetual fear of eroding margins. There is a constant need to improve quality. There is the constant demand for higher wages.

And customers are demanding more and more for less and less. There is the routine task of delivering to customers, exceeding their expectations, delighting them, getting them to give us more business. There is an endless need to exhibit expertise, knowledge, thought leadership in every area of business interest. There is an endless need to stay ahead of changing technology.

There is a round-the-year need to recruit high quality professionals. And there is always the challenge of retaining them, keeping them happy. There is this threat on the horizon of reducing availability of trained, qualified manpower for consistent growth. There is a demand for leaders for tomorrow, the urgency to constantly groom them from today and prepare them for taking over charge when their time comes.

There is threat of political resistance to outsourcing. There is apprehension that sections of the largest market for us is also beginning to resist us. There is apprehension that we should not put all our eggs into such a market.  There are compliance worries. Media worries. Infrastructure worries. Investor worries.

Threat of competition from our own country.

Threat of competitors from other countries.

The list goes on and on.

Although every Indian outsourcing vendor senses these from different perspectives and although each vendor may be affected differently, and may react differently, it is however true that it is an existence of little rest.

There is no time to put your feet up on the table and reflect on the painting on the wall across your desk.

As the year comes to close IT vendors have to take cognizance of this reality and prepare to tackle challenges with renewed vigor, for the next year is going to be a bigger challenge.

All is not gloomy however. It is true that we may not have control over external factors.

But, we do have the ability to exercise a choice on how we react. And how we react is limited only by our creativity, vision, follow-through action and perseverance.

And that plainly, will define the vendors who will be more successful than the rest.

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  1. shanky September 4, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    Hi Jai.

    Nice post man.Keep it up.

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