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Prospects don’t care about your sales process. Maybe you shouldn’t either…

  One of my friends thinks ‘Sales’ is about talking. Another friend I follow on Twitter thinks it is about ‘convincing’ the customer. I wince every time I hear someone characterize an engaging, fluent, fast talking, bloke as ‘sales material’. Sales, as you might agree, is really not any of that. Definitely not. Unless you sell snake oil or some hair cream that promises magical appearance of hair overnight on sprawling bald patches on the head. Glib talk, ‘convincing’, pushiness…none…

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Unlock that Revenue Hiding In Your Processes!

The failure rate of software implementations involving CRM has always been a cause of concern for both vendors as well as buyers. What makes a CRM implementation successful? How can an organization ensure ROI beyond expectations? In tough markets, how can organizaitons be sure to impact topline throught investments in CRM?

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