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IBM’s Lombardi Acquisition – Will there Be A Shuffle In The BPMS Market!?

The news has really created quite a buzz and almost everyone who is following BPM is excited about this announcement. Why would IBM, an arguably formidable player in the BPM market in its own right, acquire a pure-play BPM product like Lombardi? Lombardi has reported record performance in recent years. Blueprint itself has worked up a good momentum around the cloud offering and has gathered thousands of customers. Compare this with BPM Blueworks that IBM had initiated earlier this year….

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Google Wave and BPM

SAP’s Gravity demo is indicative of what is likely to happen to collaborative activities in process discovery. Not that no one has thought of it before – most every BPM vendor offering a cloud version has already introduced feature elements of social networking. Lombardi BluePrint for example allows multiple process stakeholders to participate in process discovery and consolidates each change to the process – be it insertion of a comment, change in a workstep attribute, addition of a performer, etc….

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