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Collaborating on Value, Collaborating for Innovation.

Just when I was thinking I have probably gone on about the innovation imperative a tad too much in these recent posts, something happens and here I am all fired up, writing to champion the case for innovation all over again. A few weeks ago, I attended the IBM Software Universe 2008 held here in Mumbai. And guess what the core theme for the whole two day event was? Real Innovations. Real Results. Ponani Gopalakrishnan, VP at IBM Labs in…

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What’s The State Of Things?

There is widespread panic across the world. A looming breakdown of global economy has made us all sit up in anxiety. But don’t make a mistake by thinking it might be the end of the world. It probably is not. But, again, don’t make a mistake by thinking it won’t be. It just doesn’t have to. If the tough get going when the going gets tough, here is the situation that is going to be tough for the tough to…

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