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#BPM in 2011 – Looking Back and Looking Forward

2010 was a good year for BPM – more firms took to BPM, while many firms already using BPM set off to unlock more value from BPM; most top vendors posted another year of great growth; overall BPM visibility increased significantly and it is gradually becoming less of a concept understood only by few and defined differently by many. What most purists and proponents fundamentally think and opine on BPM tends to get a little muddled – if I may…

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The Future of BPM: A Storm Before Calm?

Many BPM product vendors have announced impressive results and as Scott Francis mentions in this post, BPM companies have really started to crow about their growth despite the recession. While there’s a wee bit of understandable scepticism about the validity of those claims, they do tie-in to market outlook from months ago predicting a higher investment in technologies such as BPM that will help organizations minimise cost and improve efficiency. Jim Sinur in this insightful post titled Is BPM becoming…

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