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Business Process Management is slowly becoming a must have.

The Future of BPM: A Storm Before Calm?

Many BPM product vendors have announced impressive results and as Scott Francis mentions in this post, BPM companies have really started to crow about their growth despite the recession. While there’s a wee bit of understandable scepticism about the validity of those claims, they do tie-in to market outlook from months ago predicting a higher investment in technologies such as BPM that will help organizations minimise cost and improve efficiency. Jim Sinur in this insightful post titled Is BPM becoming…

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When The Cloud Becomes The Silver-Lining…

Cutting cost is no more an option. It is a must-do that is high on the priority of every organization that wants to survive this slowdown. And no stone is left unturned to find ways to achieve that. Interestingly, this anxiety to cut costs will result in a business that IDC expects will grow to $42 billion by 2012. Or so it seems. Yes, we are talking about cloud computing. If you are wondering how this business of IT keeps…

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A Waste Or A Necessary Evil?

There is an exercise common to IT service companies that is so very critical that its importance can never be over-emphasised. It brings together the best effort of people from different departments, different roles, different levels and can make a big difference to the course an organization takes. And then there is an activity that is a terrible waste of time, so much so that it can completely drain away and collosally waste weeks or months of collective hard work…

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Unlock that Revenue Hiding In Your Processes!

The failure rate of software implementations involving CRM has always been a cause of concern for both vendors as well as buyers. What makes a CRM implementation successful? How can an organization ensure ROI beyond expectations? In tough markets, how can organizaitons be sure to impact topline throught investments in CRM?

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